Chrooma keyboard Pro Apk 5.2 Full Version For Android Device

Chrooma keyboard Pro Apk is the best android app. With the invention of internet in 20th century everything in this universe is entered into a new era of advancement. Due to big giant internet everything is going to be changed with the passage of some time. Our all-old-fashioned devices, home appliances and industrial machineries are now turned into automated things due to internet and other wireless networks. Meanwhile, on the same time the software, mobile and app development industry is also moving towards the peak of their success and earning huge revenue every year.

If we talk about mobiles and their mobile applications, today we are able to customize our mobile phone and its internal settings with the help of different applications. We can change wallpapers, themes, ringtones, icons and even old-fashioned keyboards in our mobile phone. So, if you are tired from your old keyboard and want to change it into new one, Chrooma keyboard pro apk is best app for you.

Chrooma keyboard Pro Apk

Chrooma keyboard Pro Apk 5.2 Full Version For Android Device

As we know very well that, with the help of this mobile application, you can customize or change your old mobile keyboard into new and advanced keyboard of your own choice. This mobile app was developed and published by “Loopsie SRL” on 21-Sep-2016, and its pro version was published on 17-Sep-2020. Chrooma keyboard pro apk is a keyboard customization mobile app, that allows you to customize or convert your old built-in mobile keyboard into new RGB lights-based keyboard.

You can enjoy like a computer gaming keyboard on your mobile phone due to this amazing app. There are a lot number of emojis, Gif, and stickers are available in this keyboard that you can use during your conversation. Moreover, this light keyboard app, will also give you suggestions about emoji according to your typed conversational word. You can also change conversational language in this RGB keyboard app into language of your own choice.


Features of Chrooma keyboard pro apk:

There are following interesting and amazing of this keyboard mobile app, that will definitely increase your interest in using it:

  • Word Predictor:

In this keyboard mobile app, Artificial Intelligence based technology is used to predict correct words and their spellings, which will definitely help you while typing a text message.

  • Neural Action Row for Suggestions:

It is an only mobile keyboard app, that comes with a separate neural action row, that will help you in emoji and correct words suggestion.

  • Search For Emojis:

Sometimes, there are not that emojis available in our mobile keyboard that we want to send our friends while texting. So, in this keyboard mobile app, you can search for emojis and gifs other then built-in emojis and can send them to your friends.

  • Customize your Keyboard:

With the help of this mobile app, you can customize the typing keyboard of your mobile phone according to your own choice. You can choose your favorite colors on alphabets and numbers and can also set RGB keyboard by default, with different lights.

  • Different Keyboard Themes:

You can also change the theme or color of theme of your keyboard, with the help of this mobile keyboard app.

  • Change Color of Navbar:

Another feature of the Chrooma keyboard pro apk is that this app will change the color of the navbar in every app of your mobile phone according to that specific app.

  • Search for Gifs:

In this amazing keyboard mobile app, if you want to send Gifs to your friends, you can also search for new and old gifs available in this app.

  • Different Gestures:

For the help of mobile phone users, there are different type of gestures like selection, delete, delete all and move cursor integrated in this mobile app.

  • Day and Night Theme Mode:

If you like to use apps in night or dark mode, you can also use this keyboard in night mode and can still enjoy different colors and lights in it.

  • Multilingual Typing Support:

This world-class keyboard mobile app, also give you support for multilingual typing. So, you can type in different languages like, English, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Sindhi, Persian and many more.

  • Type with your Thumb:

If you are proficient in typing with your single thumb, then you can also activate one hand split mode in this keyboard mobile app easily.

Chrooma keyboard Pro free download

How can I Download and Install Chrooma keyboard pro apk on android?

It is very easy to download and install this amazing keyboard mobile app on your android mobile, by following below mentioned steps:

  • Click o the direct download link, given below to download the apk file of this keyboard app for free.
  • After download just tap on the Chrooma keyboard pro apk file and let it install.
  • The keyboard app will install in your mobile and will change your built-in keyboard into new one.

Mobile Requirements:

There are following some requirements to install and use Chrooma keyboard pro apk in your android mobile phone:

  • Android 4.1+ or more.
  • 2 GB RAM.
  • 38 MB storage space required.

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