Deer Hunter Apk Game Download Classic For Android

In our daily life, we have different interests and hobbies, that we want to do in our free time, on weekends or on yearly adventurous trips. Many people like to play different outdoor games, and some people like to go outside with family and friends in different places. So, if you like to enjoy real-time hunting with hands-on practice on simulations, then the Deer Hunter Apk Game is specially developed for you.

But there are many people or groups of friends who like to go on hunting different birds, fish, animals that are legal to hunt. There are also some people who like gun fires and hunting but do not have enough practice to go for outside hunting. In this hunting game, you can enjoy hunting deer and other animals. Our most population has an interest in going on to mountains, on any river, beach or lake for amusement and experiencing nature.

Deer Hunter Apk Game Download Classic For Android

Deer Hunter Apk Game

As we know that, it is a hunting simulation, action, FPS mobile game, that allows you to hunt different animals special deer in a truly natural environment. This game was developed and published by “Glu Action” on 23-May-2018. There are also many other versions of this hunting game available, but this version has more features as compared to old versions. In Deer Hunter Apk Game you can enjoy real-time deer and other animals hunting in different natural jungle locations.

You can enjoy hunting in different locations like the Jungles of Central Africa and Northwest America’s Pacific. There are more than 200 extraordinary guns available in this game, that will definitely increase your interest in playing and winning this game. This mobile game is most famous for its deer hunting simulations, but you can also hunt other dangerous animals like lions, tigers,s and much more. So, install this hunting mobile game today, and become the world’s best hunter.

Features of Deer Hunter Apk Game:

There are the following interesting features of this hunting game and simulation, that will definitely increase your interest in playing it:

  • Explore the real Jungles:

This hunting mobile game, not only allows you to hunt deer and other animals, but you can also explore the different forests and living nature in it. This mobile game will provide you real natural feel due to different natural shots and animals like tigers, elephants, and beers in it.

  • Multiplying Mode:

Usually, mobile games like this genre are single-player, but in thin deer hunting mobile games, you can enjoy multiplayer mode. In which you have to go for the help of your friends in critical situations.

  • Unlock Different Guns:

In Deer Hunter Apk Game latest version there is a large number of the world’s best guns are available, that you can unlock or purchase after every stage completion.

  • Customize and Upgrade Your Weapon:

You can also customize your hunting weapon according to your choice. In this hunting game, you can upgrade different features of your guns like shooting power, scope, barrels, bullets, and magazines.

  • 3d Visuals:

This hunting mobile game has 3d visuals and customizable game screens, that allow you to play it on your tablets also.

  • Win Trophies:

After completing specific stages with great achievements, you can also win trophies in this hunting mobile game.

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Deer Hunter Apk for android

How can I download and install the Deer Hunter Apk Game on android?

It is very easy to download and install this amazing hunting simulation mobile game, by following a few simple steps:

  • Click on the direct download link given below, to download the apk file of this mobile hunting game for free.
  • After download, just tap on the apk file of Deer Hunter Game and let it install.
  • The game will install, now you can enjoy practicing and hunting different animals.

Mobile Specifications:

There are the following mobile specifications if you want to install Deer Hunter Apk Game on it:

  • Android 4.1+ or above.
  • 2 GB RAM.
  • 89 MB storage space.

Is Deer Hunter Apk Game free to install and play?

Yes, Deer Hunter Apk Game is free to install and play on android mobile phones. But if you want to enjoy extra features like locations, weapons, and hunting material you can also get its weekly and monthly subscriptions. There are the following 2 subscription Packages of this hunting mobile Game:

  • Silver Subscription Package, in which you can subscribe on $0.99 per week or $1.99 per month.
  • Gold Subscription Package, in which you can subscribe on $1.99 per week or $4.99 per month.

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