Farming Simulator 16 Apk Game For Android Devices Download

Playing mobile and pc games in a free time is the most common hobby of people around the globe. In today’s busy and fast life, we don’t have enough time to go outside and relax our minds by involving in different outdoor activities. So, most people prefer to play mobile and video computer games for mind relaxation. There are many famous mobile games, that are popular among people in whole over the world.

Some games are based on real-life stories and some are developed by keeping in mind the people’s interests. If you like gardening, farming, and working in fields, then Farming Simulator 16 Apk is best made for you. In this game, you can make your own green working fields, raise animals like sheep, cows, and hens, and also sell them within the game to other people. It is simulation game, in which all controls are in your hands.

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Farming Simulator 16 Apk Game For Android Devices Download

As we know that it is the best farming simulation mobile and pc game, that helps you in relaxing your mind and completing your hobby. This mobile game was developed and published by “Giants Software” on 13-Apr-2019. Farming Simulator 16 game is a mobile game, in which you can enjoy working in a field by different ways like real life. You can manage all the farming machinery, green fields, animal farm and timber by your own in this mobile game.

In this game, you can raise 5 different crops, harvest them and sell them by your own in a market. Moreover, as real-life farming, you can also raise sheep, and cows, milking them and can sale them to anyone with in a game. You can manage and drive tractors, harvesters and other machines by your own. All the machines and vehicles in this simulation game belong to your favorite brands and manufacturers.

Farming Simulator 16 Apk

Features of Farming Simulator 16 Apk Game:

There are following interesting and mind-blowing features of this simulation agriculture game, that will increase your interest in playing it in your mobile phone:

  • Best 3D Graphics:

This mobile and pc simulation game comes with enhanced best 3d graphics. All the objects, fields, animals, backgrounds, and machines are designed in the best 3D graphics for keeping people interested in this game.

  • Crops Selling:

This mobile game gives you a realistic feel while playing it because you can sell your harvested crops in a market by your own choice in a game.

  • Raise Animals:

In this game, you can also raise your home animals like cows, hens and sheep. You can get their milk, eggs, meat and wool, and can sell them in a market for making money.

  • Plant Different Crops:

This simulation mobile game provides you real-life experience because you can plant 5 different crops in this game and also harvest them. These crops are Canola, Corn, Wheat, Potatoes, and Sugar Beet.

  • Favorite Brand Vehicles and Tractors:

In Farming Simulator 16 Apk , you can experience and use different vehicles and tractors from your favorite brands like Lamborghini, Krone, Amazon, MAN, and many more.

  • AI Helpers:

This mobile simulation game, also comes with AI helpers for your help in the game. So, you can manage them for better harvesting results.

  • Raise your own Forest:

In this mobile game you can also raise your own forest on your mobile phone and can sell the wood and timber at high rates.

  • Single and Multiplayer gaming mode:

You can play this harvesting simulation game as a single player or can play with your friends in multiplayer mode locally.

How can I download and install Farming Simulator 16 game on mobile phone?

It is very easy to download and install this amazing farming game on your mobile phone by following some steps:

  • Just click on the direct download link given below to download this simulation game free of cost.
  • After download, tap on the Farming Simulator 16 game apk file to install it.
  • The game will install automatically, now enjoy by playing it.
  • You can also install this simulation game from google play store.

Farming Simulator 16 Apk Game For Android Devices Download

How can I Install and play Farming Simulator 16 game on PC or laptop?

For installing this game on your pc or laptop:

  • Download any gaming emulator like “BlueStacks” on your pc or laptop.
  • After this, search for Farming Simulator 16 game in BlueStacks interface and install it.
  • Now you can easily play it on your pc or laptop with BlueStacks.

Mobile Specifications:

There are following mobile specifications for installing Farming Simulator 16 game in your mobile:

  • Android 9 or above.
  • 2 GB RAM.
  • 17 MB storage space.

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