Fate Grand Order Apk Latest Version 2.38 For Android Download

In the Past few years, there are many mysterious events occurred in the world. Fate Grand Order apk is a game that is developed against this event about human distortion in a future. The scientists had announced many times that “The World is going to be end in upcoming years”. The year 2012 was announced as the last year of this universe. But nothing happened. The same soothsay was made for the year 2019 by the organization name “Chaldea”. In 2017 Chaldea have given a task to observe the Earth’s Future.

So, they announced that the Human Beings will be destroyed in 2019 from this universe. The Chaldea perform its sixth experiment on time machine to send humans back in past and convert them into spirituous, to fight with space time singularities. But unfortunately, Government had banned this company to do experiments on Human Beings. It is related to original history. In the following section you can know more about this interesting historic game.

Fate Grand Order Apk Latest Version 2.38 For Android Download

Fate Grand Order Apk For Android Mobile


It is a real time Mobile Fate RPG game that is developed by Type-Moon a Japanese games developing company. The English version of this game was published in 2021-08-06. Because Fate Grand Order is all about the real experiments of Chaldea and human history, so it has millions of real words related to human history and their future. The game is consisting of multiple levels and characters. Every level has different scenarios that you can enjoy with the help of your team. You can make your team from new and old characters, that will help you to save the world. Not only the old players of this game can enjoy it but also the new comer’s can enjoy this Fate RPG game. Players that have heroic spirits can become master in Fate Grand Order by defeating enemies and solving the mystery of human distortion from this world.

How to Download and Install Fate Grand Order Apk Game?

Hey if you want to enjoy the real historic and mysterious game on human history, you can easily download Fate Grand Order apk for android and IOS from here. We have given a download link in below. Just click on the link and download it. After downloading this game, you can easily install it with single click. The system requirements to download and install this interesting game is given below.

System Requirements:

You can enjoy Fate Grand Order not only on android mobile phones, but also on IOS and some OS supporting devices. There are following system requirements to download and install this game.

System Requirements for Android:

There are following system requirements to Download and Install Fate Grand Order apk on android smart phones.

  • Minimum Android Version 4.1 or higher.
  • 2 GB Ram.
  • 82 MB space required to download.
  • 4GB Space required for Game Cache.
  • Incompatible with android phones having Intel CPU.

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System Requirements for IOS:

If you want to enjoy this game on IOS, you should have following system specifications:

  • Minimum Version should be IOS 11.
  • Same storage space required like android.
  • Compatible With iPhone 6S or above.

Is Fate Grand Order Available on Android?

Are you looking for android version of this game? Yes, Fate Grand Order is available on android, because first of all it was developed for android mobile users. You can download Fate Grand Order 2.19.0 for android. This game is also available for IOS iPhone Users.

Where Can I install Fate Grand Order?

You can download and install Fate Grand Order apk from our download link. There are also some platforms from where you can install it. These platforms are:

  • APK Pure.
  • Google Play Store.
  • Apple App Store.
  • Tap Tap.

Is Fate Grand Order on Mobile?

Yes, Fate Grand Order is available on Mobile. You can enjoy this game on both android mobiles and IOS iPhone. It is now available in both English and Japanese Language. So, enjoy it in your favorite language.

Does Fate Grand Order Work on Android 10?

Fate Grand Order is compatible with Android version 4.1 to 9. Currently it is not compatible with android 10 or its beta version, because it is not tested on Android 10. And it is also incompatible with beta versions of any OS.

Is There a PC version of Fate Grand Order?

Now you can enjoy your favorite Fate Grand Order on your PC. You can play this game in English, without the help of any third-party software like emulators in your PC.

Hope that you have enjoyed our article on Real Time Historic Game Fate Grand Order. You can easily download it from the download link given above.

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