Hungry Shark Evolution Apk Game For Android Mobiles Here

In this universe, we are very keen on discovering and analyzing new things and the mysteries of this world. There are many scientists and other people who work on different mysteries, and scenarios and discover new things. But there are still many mysteries that are undercover and need to explore and to come in front of the world. Therefore, many people like to go on adventures and want to explore nature, especially underwater.

So, if you are interested in games based on the ocean, underwater nature, and different devour mysterious creatures of water like baby sharks, then the Hungry Shark Evolution apk Game is specially developed for you. In this ocean game, you have to act like a very hungry shark and eat every alive creature. That’s why, due to the interest of people in such underwater adventurous, the game-developing companies are taking advantage of this interest and developing many underwater mobile games with different scenarios.

Shark hunting week may be over but you can keep on chopping with this free-to-play arcade-style game, featuring 6 shark species, 45 missions, and a lot of stuff to eat.

The game was launched as one of the Shark Evolution series supportable on all devices. The game was presented by Ubisoft Entertainment company. The game provides an experience to the players where they can dive into the water, deep down in the oceans to find hidden life as well as to survive by hunting ability. You can survive by eating different devour mysterious creatures in the frantic ocean rampage to get energy and to run longer. The unlocking feature adds more interest to the game as you collect more and more gold coins to unlock something new.

Hungry Shark Evolution Apk Game For Android Mobiles Here

Hungry Shark Evolution Apk

As we know about this game, it is a type of adventurous frantic ocean rampage game, in which you have to play the role of a hungry shark. This game was developed and published for mobile phone users by “Ubisoft Entertainment” in 08-Oct-2020. In the Hungry Shark Evolution apk Game, you have to act as a very hungry shark, who is in search of food especially meat of different creatures, especially humans.

As a player of this game, you have to deep dive into the beautiful frantic ocean rampage and survive for a maximum of time by eating different creatures coming in front of you or your shark. Moreover, in this ocean game, you can enjoy different natural sceneries underwater and can explore nature like a real-life, because of 3d graphics. You can also unlock different baby sharks of your choice after every stage completion with the help of objects and coins you earn during gameplay.


As we jump into the action adventure packed aquatic adventure of the game, you will see there is a tilt and touch take control system, but you can choose yourself. Now, jump into the water and you can eat things like stingrays, and starfish, and watch out for the depth charges they will mess up. You can see that they take part in your health which is an upper right bar that is green that replenishes each time you eat something, not a depth charge it takes everyone in your way.

Also, the red is your boost on the top of the screen. But, you cannot hang with the hammered head baby sharks as just yet you are not big enough. You can review using a gem there and then get everyone in your way from the hammerheads until you are big enough to eat them. It all requires upgrading and evolving into a larger shark.


Now there is a map, which can be accessed at the bottom left of the screen which shows you how large it is. There are all sorts of areas like there are daily bonuses, there is the crab you can go after, and again there are 45 missions on this map. The boundaries of the game are at the extreme left and right corners of the map, the sea bottom, and also the extremely high scores point above the sea level.

Survival missions

Other than killing and eating the creatures for survival, there are several shark-specific missions also, hence there are several other objectives also. Every shark will get special missions which can be discovered from the sea shells which are discovered on the bottom of the ocean. These shells are scattered over the map and you can also find different hidden objects which will be beneficial. These hidden treasures will give you a bunch of gold coins in return.

Mini- Games on the map

There are several side games inside the game which a for the hunting training of the shark. There is a game called beach ball, which can be played by hitting the ball with the nose of the shark. It aims to hit the ball times continuously without hitting the ocean ground. Sometimes, the beach ball is also replaced by some real-world playing balls in celebration of different events like FIFA soccer games, etc.


Big crab

You would have a little gold rush action adventure packed aquatic adventure in the meantime and watch out for the man of war they will sting you and eventually you’ll come across the big crab and it’s pretty big. He snaps at you and you’re supposed to use your boost and launch yourself at him to damage him. But again he is a tough guy when you see yourself starting to read like that it’s not good. You can revive until you run out of gems.

Golden lady

When they sting you, eat the golden lady and get more coins and you can keep going and hit the beach where you get more food and bigger people who will fill you up. So it’s a fun game again and completely free to play.

Great white

You can eat evolve iconic sharks that are smaller than you. Now you will also get a chance to find other areas but find the boat also. When you become the great white shark, you can do a whole bunch more damage. There are a lot of things to find here like a parasailer that you can eat, you got to have good timing that you can jump out of the water and that’s level up there. Watch out for the little puffer fish or whatever it is. It’s got spikes and cannot handle the hammerheads. If they bite you, you are done.

Increase the size of the shark

As you progress to eat more and more creatures, your level with the upgrade. You can faster unlock the new levels and you can track your performance by unlocking more and more standard evolve iconic sharks. Also, when you increase the growth points of your shark, the size and weight of your shark will increase. In the same way, you will get more multipliers of coins to complete the mission also.

Multipliers to evolve quickly

When the shark eats more creatures, it will get multipliers which may be ×2, ×4, ×6 which means that your gems and coins will get multiplied by these factors when they are on. The more you earn, the more there will be chances to get your shark upgraded and unlock new ones. These multipliers are useful as:

  • They will help you achieve the high scores score quickly.
  • They will get your gold rush meter filled quickly.

The stronger the shark is, the greater will be the multiplier it will get.

Features of Hungry Shark Evolution apk Game:

There are the following interesting features of this underwater mobile game, that will definitely increase your interest in playing it:

  • Explore the Ocean:

If you want to go on an underwater sea adventure but do not have enough time, you can enjoy and explore beautiful different oceans in this mobile game while feeding your shark.

  • 3d Graphics and Sound Effects:

The main reason for the popularity of this ocean mobile game is its 3D graphics and boosted background sound effects. All the sharks, objects, creatures, and even the ocean are visualized with great 3D graphics in this game.

  • Unlock Sharks and other Objects:

In this underwater world mobile game, you can unlock more than 12 sharks and other objects and creatures for enhancing your gameplay after every stage.

  • Upgrade your shark

When you get many gold coins, you can now customize your shark with some other items like the top hat, Laser light beam, Jetpacks, etc. which adds more hunting ability to the shark. The new unlocked sharks on different stages are also.

  • Discover Underwater Mysteries:

This mobile game fully allows you to deep dive into the oceans and discover different mysteries and hidden gems of deep-sea-like real life.

  • Customize Your Shark:

You can also customize your playing shark with the help of different types of equipment like Top Hats, Lasers, and Jetpacks to increase hunting capacity.

  • Hire Little Sharks:

In the Hungry Shark Evolution apk android game, you are a boss, so you can hire different little sharks for you to increase your hunting strength.

  • Take Part in Events:

In this shark-hunting mobile game, you can take part in different in-game events and can increase your level, and win different equipment.

  • Offline Game Mode:

You can play this amazing hunting game offline without the internet with all the amazing features.

  • Easy Game Controls:

No matter whether you are children, you can easily play this ocean-based mobile regular in game events because of the easy game take control. Just use touch and tilt controls to attack other creatures.

  • Gold Rush:

If you want to win this game by winning gold coins and surviving for a long time, you can use the gold rush feature in it.

  • Easy controls

You can play the game like you play different other regular in game events like tilting on the side or by using the touch button which will cause directions to change and for the attack also.

  • Increase your force

You can also hire small dozen unique sharks or fish, which can be your workers. You be their boss and they will work for you to increase your strength and hunting force.

  • Events and daily missions

You can also participate in different missions where you will get the rewards in form of gems which you can use, gold coins which you can use to unlock different stuff and also you get various useful items in a surprise package that increases your hunting ability

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Hungry Shark Evolution Apk game

Customized sharks

  • Electro Shark
  • Ice Shark
  • Robo Shark
  • Pyro Shark
  • Natasha The Narwhal
  • Ghost Shark
  • Shackelton
  • Wireshark

Evolved dozen unique sharks

  • DarkHammer
  • Shar-khan
  • Lord Snappy
  • Aaron, the Destructor
  • Magmajira
  • Abyssaurus Rex

How to install the Hungry Shark Evolution APK on your Android device?

The Hungry Shark Evolution is available for android as well as for IOS and download it for Free. Also, the Hungry Shark Evolution pc version is available. You can download the basic version of the game from our website easily by clicking on the download button.

  • Click on the download link and you will get the file downloaded.
  • Go to your files manager and open the file to install it.
  • Then allow some permission for the app to access your phone, so it could work properly when playing the game, the other apps will not be affected.
  • You can download the Hungry Shark Evolution hacked version and cheat version where you will have already gold coins and gems.

You will not have to worry about the gems and you will already have everything unlocked. But, it would not be more fun than earning coins by yourself in the game.

Hungry Shark Evolution vs Hungry Shark World

The Hungry reef shark Evolution is much more animated as compared to the Shark underwater world. They have got much better graphics. On the other hand, if we talk about the Shark underwater world, it is more diverse and wider than Shark Evolution. Likewise, there would be more predators and prey in the ocean.

How can I defeat Colossal Squid Boss in the game?

It is no doubt that this is one of the biggest monsters which can destroy anything coming on its way. It can come into battle when the contest is active. It is really hard to defeat this creature but not impossible. It has 8 legs and there are three sections for each one. You can defeat it by cutting each of its legs one by one in a sequence and it will eventually get defeated. In the same way, you will get a better price in form of bonuses and coins in the game.

Is this game safe for kids to play?

Yes, this game is completely safe for adults as well as for kids to play. It doesn’t involve any adult content or promotions which could be disturbing. But, there is a kids section above 12 that can play and under this limit, it could be the cause of imprinting violent themes on their minds, etc.

Is this game safe for my device?

The game is secured by play project which means it has gotten a clean chit from Google to be played easily. Unlike other games, it would not give you any notification of trouble or warning when you open it.

Mobile Specifications:

Your mobile should capable of the following specifications. If you want to install the Hungry reef shark Evolution apk Game on it:

  • Android 4.4+ or above.
  • 2 GB RAM.
  • 2 MB storage space.

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