IPTV Smarter Pro Apk For Android Latest Version Download

As we know, we are observing technology everywhere around us. There are many things that become more advanced than before, only due to technological advancement. Many industries are on the moon due to only technology adaptation and working on new things. Like other industries, the mobile application development industry is one of those industries that is growing rapidly. Iptv smarter pro apk is one of these mobile apps, that act as a third party connection between best iptv player service providers and android devices, chrome casts, tv boxes, and tv sticks.

iptv player is a modern-day mobile application that is featured to provide its users the amazing experience of watching live stream TV channels, MP3, and MP4 video player in adjustable quality, web series, and much other entertainment content on their smartphones. This application comes with newly introduced features and a layout in which our web designers set its layout according to its user’s mode. This application runs smoothly and gives you the best classic experience of watching TV.

IPTV Smarter Pro

IPTV smarter make you a smart person than others, the reason is that you can now watch your favorite TV channel and series where you are just by connecting your mobile to a stable internet connection. In this way, if you are in the office and enjoying free first time, you are traveling or getting bored this featured application will feel like a companion. iptv smarters Pro application download procedure is very easy and compatible with every kind of smart device. This smart application gets directly connected to your mobile’s IP address and links you with the world of imagination and fantasy through your mobile.

There are many app development companies that are working on the concept of putting people’s life at ease. That’s why they are not only developing apps that are directly changing the lives of people due to ease, but also developing such applications that act as a medium of connection between two devices or services.

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IPTV Smarter Pro Apk For Android Latest Version Download

With the help of this amazing app, you can watch your favorite movies, tv shows, series, and TV catup on your android mobile and other Iptv-supported devices. This app was developed and published by “WHMCS Smarters Inc” on 24-Sep-2019. Iptv smarter pro apk act as a third-party medium or app between your android mobile phone and Iptv Service Provider.

You can connect android mobile phones, android LED tv, Android Boxes, Nvidia Shield Tv and fire stick TV sticks with iptv smarters pro service provider devices. By connecting, you can enjoy all the services from best IPTV like new movies, tv shows, series, and radio programs on your favorite device. This multimedia app allows you to watch your favorite shows on chrome cast. It has many interesting features like parental control, multiple device connection, multiple language support, recording, VPN integration, and much more. For more detailed features, you can check our section below.

Why should I choose IPTV Smarter Pro APK?

The following reasons will make up your mind to IPTV Smarter Pro on other apps:

  1. The subscription will provide you with more than 10,000 premium and Live TV channels including news channels, sports channels, OTT channels, and entrainment channels.
  2. There are more than 18,000 shows available on the watch.
  3. There are no extra subscriptions for specific channels or additional hidden charges, it’s only the IPTV subscription price only.
  4. We have a stable IPTV Smarter Pro server, which is not down at any first time and you will get HD streaming non-stop.
  5. IPTV has high bandwidth, where we ensure the stability of the signals.

IPTV Smarter Pro server doesn’t use any Telephone cables network, which when breaks in one spot disturbs the whole system. It works on the internet which remains unbreakable. We provide you the contact information also so if any inconvenience occurs, you can contact us.

Subscription charges

IPTV Smarter Pro APK provides a free downloading facility and gives access to premium features with minimum payment options. These kinds of applications are necessary for a fast-working world where people have no first time to sit and enjoy their TV at home. We provide you with secure applications which run successfully on all devices.

As we say, we care for our customers with the best services and highly efficient broadband network, we also provide them with cheaper rates of subscription. The subscriptions are also set according to the budget of a normal person. The list is given below:

  • $18.95 per month
  • $39.95 per 6 months
  • $59.95 per 12 months/ 1 year

Best Features of Iptv smarter pro apk:

There are the following extraordinary and amazing features of this Iptv supportive application:

  • Modern Graphical Interface:

The new shortened version of this app is designed with modern layouts and 3D graphical user-friendly interfaces, to enhance the user-friendly experience.

  • Easy Master Search:

It is also having a feature of master search in the search results bar on top of the screen in this app. Where you can search for your favorite movies, series, dramas, and other content.

  • Interrupt Less Streaming:

This Iptv app provides you the continuous and interruption-free watching time, without any subscription or extra charges.

  • Feature for Other Language content

IPTV is developed to meet the needs of the modern-day, as our internet content demand is different and we mostly like other countries’ series and streams. So IPTV gives you a subtitle feature through which you can easily understand and take pleasure in watching their content.

  • Parent Control System

Most parents do not allow their children to use mobile phones or tablets for watching live-stream videos. This is because the +18 graphics and videos, can restrict such type of content by using IPTV’s parental control feature. In this way, they do not get interfaced with such type of content.

  • Set Your Own Videos Library

If the user is watching their favorite content and they find some other video player interesting they can save it in their library where it remains saved until they delete them. It helps users in finding their videos when they want.

  • TV Program Guide:

It also supports the TV Program Guide naming EPG.

  • Several Multimedia Options

IPTV is one of the single streaming applications which gives its users many options for watching their favorite content. It gives you the best options of stream content, movies, and live matches, and especially it provides you their URL links to copy and share with other friends and family members. Users can change their streaming options with one click and save data consumption.

  • Easy User Interface

Our web designers and developers develop this application in a very easy and friendly mode so the user can use it without having instructions. All the features are shown on the front page so you can choose and enjoy them. Our users can change its theme they have multiple theme options in the setting.

  • Free Live video stream

IPTV smarter pro app gives you free video player streaming for unlimited time. Your entertainment is just one click away. You do not need to pay any extra money to get streaming right side. All the content IPTV smarter provide is free and unlimited.

  • Live Streaming:

This amazing Iptv app supports the live streaming of Movies, Tv shows, and other content.

  • Parental Control Feature:

You can control all the channels in this app by using the parental control feature, to avoid your children from watching inappropriate things.

  • Multiple Device Support:

Iptv smarter pro apk provides you with multiple device support like android phones, tv, android boxes, chrome casts tv sticks, and Nvidia TV shields.

Which devices support IPTV Smarter Pro?

Here is a list of specific devices, on which you can easily allow the Pro app to run on them.

  • Android devices: Android phones, Android TV, Android TV boxes, Android fire stick TV Sticks, NVidia Shields, and others.
  • Smart TVs: LG TVs and Samsung TVs
  • IOS devices: iPhones, iPads, Apple TV
  • Windows: Window 8, 10 and also including latest shortened version of the MAC books.

IPTV Smarter Pro for android

Register Yourself As a Pro Member of IPTV Smarter Pro APK

After all these free features of IPTV smarter, you can also enjoy its Pro features which are more amazing and give you comfort. In IPTV smarter premium you get access to the world of the un-Imagine entertainment world. You get all access xtream codesand fully authorize legal disclaimer content to entertain yourself. In this Pro premium access, users enjoy;

  • Unlimited videos search
  • Multiple videos of a single search results
  • Access to the multiple videos players
  • High-speed video stream
  • Parental control
  • Videos Downloading option
  • Multi thematic interface
  • Unlimited OTT videos

These premium features give you real fun and enjoyment in downloading IPTV smarter Pro APK. To get premium access add user to need to accept all the terms and conditions.

How to install IPTV smarter Pro APK on your smartphone?

Downloading procedure for installing IPTV on your mobile is very efficient and easy. You can proceed without any helping hand or instructions. But, remember that the application is not available on the Play Store or App Stores regardless of their compatibility to run on these devices.

Steps to download and install this application are;

  • Visit the Google search engine and type ‘IPTV smarter Pro APK’
  • Click the download button and start downloading.
  • After a few minutes when downloading is completed click on the APKfile.
  • Get permission from ‘Setting’ to install this Application
  • The installation starting button arrives on the screen. Click on it.
  • It takes some time and the application is shown on your homepage.
  • Click on it and enjoy the free features of IPTV.
  • To enjoy premium Pro features get premium access.
  • Thank you.

Some other features of this supportive app are:

  • Multiple screens and multiple language support.
  • Support for urls and M3u files.
  • Stream Recording Support.
  • It also supports TV catch-up streaming.
  • Updated movies and series.

Install IPTV Smarter Pro APK on Firestick

You can download and install it by following these instructions:

  • Download the APK latest version of the app from our site.
  • Download the downloader app on Firestick.
  • Visit the settings of Firestick, then go to My Fire TV, then Developers Option, click on Install from Unknown sources and lastly click on the downloader to change Online status.
  • Open the downloader app now and paste the URL link there.
  • Now install the app.

Install IPTV Smarter Pro APK on Samsung Smart TV

Follow the steps given below:

  • Press the Smart Hub Button, which you will find on your remote.
  • Look for IPTV Smarter Pro to install it directly.
  • Now, Log in by putting your subscription details such as username, password, and URL Link pasted there.

But, make sure that your provider has been DNS registered with us.

Install IPTV Smarter Pro APK on Fire LG Smart TV

You can install the pro app, by following simple steps:

  • Press the Home button on your TV remote.
  • Now go to the LG Content Store in the settings.
  • Find the IPTV Smarter Pro APK to install on your TV.
  • Now, log in on the app with all your subscription details including your username, password, and URL link pasted there

But, make sure that your provider has been DNS registered with us. Also, we would like to tell you that premium features are not supported on LG/Samsung televisions.

System requirements

There are certain requirements which we already have in the updated phones. They include:

  • 1 or above OS device
  • 25 MB space for storage
  • 2GB ram at least

Alternative third party apps

Several other applications in the market are more or less similar to the IPTV Smarter Pro. They all have some pros and cons, but depending upon certain factors like the customer reached which application first and which is easily accessible for him, the application selection varies. The alternative ones are:

  • Smarter Player
  • intimate
  • OTT navigator
  • GSE SmartIPTV
  • Perfect Player IPTV
  • Lazy IPTV
  • IPTV Pro

FAQs About IPTV Smarter Pro APK

  1. Is IPTV a smartphone TV application?

Yes, IPTV smarter Pro APK is a modern Live streaming platform in which add user can enjoy their favorite TV channels on their mobile phones.

  1. Is IPTV can only be accessed if get a premium pass?

No, limited features can be accessed without subscribing to the premium Pro offer. It depends on your subscription.

  1. How User interface provided by IPTV?

IPTV provides an easily accessible add user interface to its users. They enjoy wide graphic displays and a variety of entertaining content. Its setting is very easy and the user can use it without any demo or instructions.

  1. Why IPTV Smarter Pro APK is not available on the Play Store?

Due to some unknown reason, the popular software-based app was removed from the Play Store. The developer’s company TorrentFreak spoke to the media and said that the company’s lawyers are working to get the software restrained on the app store soon because it was a false complaint that made the app shut down from Google stores.


IPTV smarter Pro APK is incredible multimedia entertaining smartphone application which is Designed and developed by WHMCSSMARTERS to give smartphone users easy access to their favorite live streaming channels. Its multiple amazing features and products attract users, due to these features thousands of users are using this application on their smartphones.

But, if you find any trouble while using the app after downloading it from our site, we are responsible for it and we also provide you instant solutions for your problems. Do feel free to ask questions and give us comments/ reviews about your experience. We support intellectual questions which could be helpful for others when they visit the site, but they should find answers to their queries already. So, be responsible about what you ask. Hope this was helpful

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