Get Nova Launcher Prime Apk V7 Plus MOD Final Here

When we buy a new mobile phone, it comes with default settings and apps, which is sometimes enough for mobile to work and sometimes not. So, if you are fed up with your old mobile interface and want to customize different settings Nova launcher prime apk is here for your help. Through this app, you can change the overall interface of your mobile phone home screen and all other screens.

So, we try to install new mobile phone apps in our new or old mobile phones to enhance our mobile user experience in daily life. There are many apps available that we can use for changing the overall interface, wallpapers, themes, icons, and much more according to our choice. After getting our new mobile in our hand we check for different features and daily use apps. Some settings and apps are according to our choice but some are not available in it.

Get Nova Launcher Prime Apk V7 Plus MOD Final

Nova Launcher Prime Apk

As we know about this app, it allows its users to customize and decorate the home screen of their mobile phones according to their own choice. This app was developed and published by “Tesla Coil Software” on 20-Aug-2017. Nova launcher prime apk app allows you to replace your old mobile phone home screen with the new and attractive home screen. There are many screens, widgets, themes, and icons are available that you can use to decorate your mobile phone interface.

This launcher app also comes with the interesting features of apps hiding, which is very beneficial for your private mobile phone apps and for parental control. If you are changing your mobile phone and want to use the same screen on your new mobile phone you can take a snap of your current home screen and take a backup of it with the help of this app. On your new mobile phone restore your backup and enjoy the same features over there.

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Features of Nova launcher prime apk:

There are the following interesting features of this amazing launcher mobile phone app, that will definitely increase your interest in using it:

  • Make App Folders:

You can be amazed by learning about the feature of app folders. Yes! You can make folders and tabs of your favorite mobile phone apps by using the drawer feature in this launcher mobile phone app.

  • New Gestures for Mobile Control:

For performing different tasks on your home screen and in different apps, you can use new interesting gestures like double-tap, swipe, and pinch by using this amazing app.

  • Support for Icon Themes:

You can use any icon theme of your choice because this launcher app gives support for all icon themes available on the google play store and other app platforms.

  • Auto Mode Swipe:

This screen customization app comes with auto swipes between day and night or dark modes and themes. You can also choose a specific theme mode for your mobile phone at all times according to your own choice.

  • Support for All Android Mobiles:

This launcher mobile app provides support for all android mobile phones with all its charming features.

  • Hide Your Apps:

By using Nova launcher prime apk for android you can also hide your private apps in app drawer without uninstalling your apps.

  • Backup and Recovery:

If you are thinking about changing your mobile phone and want to use the same home screen settings on your new mobile, you can take a backup of your current home screen as a snap and can store it on the cloud. Then on a new mobile phone just install this launcher app and restore your backup on it.

  • High Speed:

This launcher mobile app is easy to use with high speed. That’s why it performs smoothly on even old mobile phones also.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk For Android

How can I download and install Nova launcher prime apk on android?

It is very easy to download and install this amazing launcher mobile phone app on android, by following a few simple steps:

  • Click on the direct download link, given below to download the apk file of this mobile screen launcher app for free.
  • After download, just tap on the Nova launcher prime apk full version file and let it install.
  • The app will install easily, now you can replace your old home screen with a new one.

Mobile Requirements:

There are the following mobile requirements if you want to install and use Nova launcher prime apk on your android mobile phone:

  • Android 8.0+ or above.
  • 2 GB RAM.
  • 2 MB storage space.

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