Pokémon Rumble Rush Apk Game Free Download and Play

Pokémon Rumble Rush Apk is an android game. Nowadays people of all ages from teenagers to old ones like to play mobile games. Some people like action games and some people like adventurous and strategic games. There are many mobile games that are designed around cartoon characters. Such kind of games attracts children and teenagers more. The gaming industry is taking advantage of people’s interest in their favorite cartoon characters.

Pokémon Rumble is a game about toys, you play as a toy Pokémon, in the toy world and it is fantastic. The sole reason for existence is to become the strongest Pokémon. Pokémon have been a big part of our childhoods and usually, every kid used to be fond of them.

Pokémon Rumble Rush is not an arcade action game but it is entertaining at the same time. It takes you to the magical world of Pokémon, where you can find 100s of Pokémon and catch them.

These companies are introducing different cartoon characters in different three types of other games shooting, racing, and adventure games. Pokemon Rumble Rush apk is the same kind of game that is developed around the famous character of “Pikachu”. Like in the cartoon series, this small animal always helps his partner boy in bad situations. The game is following the same scenario. The game is full of adventures and multiple levels with different locations. If you really like adventurous other games, then this game will be your best choice.

Pokémon Rumble Rush Apk free download

Pokémon Rumble Rush Apk Game Free Download and Play

It is an adventurous 3D game. The Pokemon Company has developed this interesting game. It was published in 2020-05-19. The genre of this game is Action and Adventurous. In Pokemon Rumble Rush you have to discover many unchartered islands with the help of your favorite character. The game has good graphical content, that will not let you bored. It has easy controls with no glitches. You can easily control everything, especially your Pokemon during play.

The main character is always in search of enemies. The Pokemon fight with every enemy and help you to free the island from them. In this game, you can easily moderate the game controls and can enhance your gaming character. You can increase the power levels of your gaming partner after every successful completion of stages. If you want to know about more interesting features of this game, you can check our below section.

Background information

Ambrella company is a Japanese development studio, whose sole existence was to provide sustenance to the mother brain in the form of Pokémon spinoff games. They developed the rumble series which is said to be their flagship series. It was another attempt to bring the mobile pokemon game worlds to our mobiles. This one takes heavy influence from the gameplay of both rumble world and quest series. But, this iteration has streamlined a lot of the core gameplay.

Now they have different Islands to explore with a different one rotated every two weeks. To keep things fresh, each Island has a unique list of mobile pokemon games to be found.

Modes of the game:

  • The initial run normal mode only features the original 151 pokémon company.
  • By completing it, you will unlock the advanced mode which solely features Pokémon that appeared in the pokémon company diamond pearl and platinum.
  • Finally, completing that mode will unlock the ex-mode which combines all the Pokémon that appeared into the final run.


To begin rumbling, you will need to use a feather to locate the stage and then tap on it. The battle requirements will help you to that core gameplay loop and as it always goes in Pokémon, you will need to choose the best pokémon company type to defeat your upcoming foes. You can even switch mid-fight which makes for a continuous and smooth experience of battle.

The simplicity of the gameplay loop also extends to the game’s controls calling Pokémon rumble’s control scheme dumbed down would be an insult to dumb people, just take the remote, flip it sideways and that’s it.

Rumble rush can’t hold your hands through the game back as once you are on the stage, you will be defeating upcoming with the bus battle at the edge along with coin earn rewards. There are random chances that drowned critters will be added to your collection.

Do all Pokémon appear in the Rumble Rush?

No, not every Pokémon appears in the unfortunate rumble rush but that’s not the main issue with the game. It is that the game doesn’t hide its repetitiveness. Rumble rush relies on his collection of a mechanic to stand and it’s a pokémon company game that carries it so far. The game’s average power level keeps rising, so you constantly have to throw away your old toy Pokémon in favor of the new one.

Repetitiveness in the game

Every world has the same six levels, every royale battle plays out the same because the gameplay is just hitting two buttons. Nearly every aspect is repetitive and instead of providing new things but it keeps on repeating. When you have passed the C-tier battle royale, you experience everything that the game offers in the next tier.

Requirements to compete Boss Pokémon on the map

When you look at your map, there is going to be a boss Pokémon at the center. By simply clicking on the requirements you will see that you cannot attack the boss until you have a pokémon company with at least CP 310 and you need to have 10 Pokémon in that specific area. Now, you can attack the boss.

Game purchase store

There are several additional things in the game like the achievements section, the daily earn rewards, and the mission area which have limited time. They will get you some cash or currency or some gems sometimes. The only thing that you can use to make this cash-up currency is to unlock the ores quicker. If you visit the shop section, you can only find the cash option there, catch booth kits, etc.

There is a slight bit of replayability through the last three stages being replayable, each with its own set of unique pokémon companies to catch. So, it’s better to catch them all.

How to unlock any Pokémon in the Rumble Rush APK?

There are also super boss battles, where you need a certain Pokémon with a high-level CP to even access the battles. Defeating the boss will unlock the Pokémon in various stages across the map. Now, you can catch up.

Control buttons for Pokémon Rumble Rush APK

D-pad to move, two buttons to attack, and use a button to switch Pokémon and that’s it. No motion controls and just four controls are there. When you have a simple control scheme, there are some other ways to compensate for the manner like some extravagant over-the-top attacks that mask the simplicity, etc.

Rumble rush doesn’t stop you from jumping and catching monsters either. There is no recharging energy needed to play a stage and no limit to how many times you can rumble rush your way through them.

Upgrade your Pokémon

Rumble rush also offers an easy way to level up your Pokémon. Defeated bosses will often drop pressures or their ores can be refine ore into power gears. These can range from basic upgrades to Pokémon CP, Speed, and HP, the summon gears which bring a secondary Pokémon for a quick burst of damage. You can also upgrade gears to further increase their stats bonuses, so you will need to keep on refining.

Tournament mode in Pokémon Rumble Rush APK

Tournament mode is super hard boss battles but at our current basic level, you only get a shot at it a day, so that massive fail screen would hurt even more. One of the annoying features is getting locked away by the timer.

It Is really weird that you can process one ore at a time, despite having three slots and if you have more than three cores, you cannot get back into battle. You will either need to force process what you have got going using a few gems or delete some. The gems are costly as there are micro-purchase stores that require transactions to make you able to buy crystals and gears, but thankfully here there is nothing too major or mobile game-breaking. But, most of the time you will not find a need to buy anything except a few chances at the tournament mode.

Adventurous stages

There are several adventurous stages that you can access by tapping on a floating hot air balloon on the map. These are just more stages but you will be joined by the buddy powerful pokémon of a fellow adventurer.

What needs to get improved?

Nothing can stop you from rumbling but your phone battery can. If it depletes earlier, the mobile game is over. There is also an option in the game to conserve battery, but there are high-resolution graphics and image speed which certainly can be seen to improve to conserve battery life.

How does the game begin?

You will start the mobile game with lowly rattata, that somehow managed to sneak into powerful pokémon battle royale. About 50 or more Pokémon enter the arena of waves where they all compete to be the last ones standing in the arena. Conquer powerful foes along the way in your bid to become the greatest toy Pokémon. Knock out the ones to recruit the stronger ones and win the battles.

Features of Pokemon Rumble Rush:

This version of favorite pokémon Rumble Rush is totally different and interesting from old versions of this series. It has some following stunning features:

  • Fast Game Play:

In this game, you can enjoy easy and fast gameplay due to smooth controls. When you see any enemy, you can attack them by simply tapping on your mobile screen. It has no graphical and in-game glitches.

  • Explore New Islands:

You can explore new seas and Islands while playing this game. Because new islands are updated after every two weeks. On every Island, you can find new and stronger Pokemons. Just collect them and make your army strong.

  • Power Upgrades:

After every successful completion of a stage, you can get some interesting gear. With the help of these new gears, you can increase the power of your filter pokémon. So, don’t forget to power up your gaming partner.

  • Collect new Characters:

In the filter pokémon Rumble Rush apk android game you can collect multiple new creatures on different islands. Make them a part of your playing army. Train them and become the king of this game.

  • Best gaming experience

As mentioned above, the controls are so simple, so the game runs smoothly and also there are no graphic glitches in the game to make you done with the game.

  • Add new characters

You can clear and win each stage which will cause the addition of the wild pokémon to your team.

  • Upgrade the powers

At each stage, you will get some interesting gear that will improve the power and competitiveness of the wild pokémon. Increase the power of each to win more battles and stages.

  • Various languages

You can enjoy the game in many different languages like about 32 languages where the interface of the game supports them. It means the game has been developed with hard work, so everyone can easily understand the game’s features and rules.

  • Explore the map

As the game is updated every second week, the developers add new islands where you can find different other favorite pokémon to collect and find new foes.

  • Enjoy in Different Languages:

You can enjoy this game not only in English but also in 32 different languages. So, what are you waiting for? Play this interesting game in your preferred language.

How can I download and install Pokémon Rumble Rush APK?

You can simply install the game from the Play Store as well as from our website, where you can find the download link below. The game doesn’t require many requirements and you will not face complexity here. But, make sure to upgrade the game every week or so when the new version is available. It is because the game will add new features and make gaming better and better.

It will simply install automatically after downloading or when you have downloaded it from the website, then install it from the Files Manager. Now, you can enjoy the game and experience something new. For more smooth gaming, allow the app to access your phone to manage your system while you are playing. Otherwise, there may occur any problems.

Pokémon Rumble Rush Free download

System requirements for the game

  • Android version 4.4 or above
  • Minimum 2 GB Ram
  • 60 MB space required for the game
  • Not compatible with IOS devices

Overall thoughts

When someone has dabbled into the world of wild pokémon, it’s simple but fun, rinse and repeat gameplay, fast load times that can kick you back into the action on the go, and rocking good soundtrack never gets old. The game is highly addictive for millennials who have some childhood memories with Pokémon. Hope this article was helpful and informative. For further information, you can ask us in the comment section.


Can I play wild pokémon Rumble Rush offline?

No, it is an online game and you cannot play it without an internet connection. It will not even open without it.

Can I play the game for free?

Yes, you can download the game for Free and play it. But, the purchase store is not free, where you can buy game currency or gems to upgrade your gameplay.

Why do Pokémon gears doesn’t work sometimes?

The gears are the power boosters that are specified for each Pokémon. Before using the power gear, check which Pokémon uses that power gear.

Is the game shutting down?

Yes, due to the declining interest of people in the game, the makers have decided to shut it down. Now, you cannot download the new version of the game as there are no updates available and it works also in specific areas of the world now.

How to Play Pokemon Rumble Rush?

You can play this game very easily:

  • Tap on the screen to kill the enemies.
  • Follow your map to find and kill enemy Pokemons.
  • Power up your Pokemon with a collection of minerals.
  • Defeat the big bosses at the end of every level to move on next.

Can You Still Play Pokemon Rumble Rush?

You can not play the latest or old version of this game, because the Pokemon Rumble Rush Apk is now not available on the internet. The developing company has stopped working on this game. Moreover, you cannot play the installed version of this game now.

Why is Pokemon Rumble Rush Shutting Down?

Pokemon Rumble Rush is Shutting down because people are not showing their interest in this game anymore. The ratings of this game are gone below the average. So, the company has decided to stop working on it. You can not enjoy this adventurous game anymore.

Is Pokemon Rumble Rush Offline?

No, Pokemon Rumble Rush is not offline. It is an online game. You have to need a good internet connection and location to play this game.

Where is Pokemon Rumble Rush Available?

Now the Pokemon Ruble Rush is available in Australia only. You can only play this game on an android mobile phone. If you want to play, you can download it from the download link given in the above section.

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