Root Checker APK Pro Latest Version download for Android

The rooting is like breaking a hurdle that prevents various applications and also an android system that you want to install. As we see there are many operating systems today in the market offering you greater comfort, fast processing, uninstalling unwanted apps, better features like less battery consumption, more screen time, and so on and so fore. Root Checker APK For Android download.

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Root Checker APK Pro Latest Version download for Android

There are hurdles that we face while installing this OS. Hence, rooting will solve all the problems. Everything seems to be more complex after rooting but as compared to other applications, the rooted devices and apps provide more accessibility. This makes the user control all the applications and systems if he is well aware of all the circumstances and technology aspects.

What happens after rooting?

When you have rooted your device to unlock various features, then there will be something serious affecting your device. The malware which is software to destroy and harm the software of devices get access to violate and contravene your phone security.

This would let any virus attack your phone and even the phone can easily be hacked after rooting. It is not stopped by our system’s security software already present in our mobile. The viruses and Trojans will easily access and affect the phone’s software if any proper antivirus is not installed on the phone or computer. All in all, it can trash your software. But, there are several benefits too that cannot be compromised and ignored while writing the cons.

Root Checker APK

Advantages of rooting your device:

Some say there is danger related to rooting your device as far as you are not harming or touching the essential software system, you can get many perks after rooting. Some of them are shortlisted below:

  • You can make your phone customized like icons, animation, etc.
  • You can add and improve the performance of your phone.
  • You can install any OS you want on your phone.
  • If the phone is rooted, then you can easily come back to your original and older software. If while doing a software update on your device, something unwanted happened to your software, then you can nullify the effect because now you have more control over your phone.
  • You can run unwanted apps of your choice which an un-rooted phone will not allow.
  • Extra built-in apps can be uninstalled easily now.

How to un-root my phone:

By using the following tools, you can easily un-root your device. They include:

  • Stock Filmware
  • OTA update
  • Magisk uninstalling
  • File manager
  • SuperSU

How to know that phone is rooted?

The devices show the unlocked sign when we restart our phones. If we don’t have a rooted phone, then there will be no lock sign showing any root or something. But when the phone or even your PC will show you lock sign opened at the bottom of the desktop. When you restart your phone, you will see the opened sign depicting that your phone is rooted. There are several apps too which can help you to know whether your phone is rooted or not because the lock sign might not show on some of your devices.

How to check a rooted phone without using any app?

There is a lot of software that is put in place forcefully to check the rooted phone, but sometimes it can be even more harmful. Today, the markets are full of rooted phones experimented with by some nerds who damage the software by doing this and then sell out those phones. That’s the reason among many that people prefer to buy new phones rather than buying used ones. Follow the instructions if you don’t want to use any app for checking this:

  • Simply visit your phone’s settings.
  • Scroll down and find the “About Phone” which includes all the legal and software-related information about your phone.
  • Tap on the “Status” bar to check the information about your device.
  • Check out your phone’s status which is the official one by company and developers.

If the device has tempered software, or it is rooted, then the official sign will not appear there which is an easy way to check the status of your phone otherwise you can also check it by restarting.

Root Checker APK Pro Latest Version download for Android

How to install and use the Root checker app:

To install the app on your device, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the Play Store or App Store of your device.
  • Type Root check in the search bar.
  • Bunch of different apps will appear there, and you have to download the one with hashtag and green tick mark in it.
  • The app is verified, and you can easily download it for free.
  • The disclaimer will come, where you will have to agree to the permissions asked there.
  • There are a bunch of bars there in the top section including:
  1. Verify Root.
  2. Roots basics.

These all bars show different information like which devices have roots available and their versions, which device has the best compatibility with the root, why people root the device, and many other things. Because it provides these various options and helps to know almost everything about the root, that’s why it is ranked best among the tools section and technology section. Then the question arises, what to do after downloading and visiting the app casually? The answer is if you want to check the root, then follow the following directions:

  • When you open the app, there will be first bar of verify root.
  • You android version will also be displayed by the app there.
  • Click on the verify root button.
  • If you already have not allowed the app to install from unknown sources, then you will see the option saying “ Sorry, Root access is not properly installed”. To solve this go to settings and allow the app installation from unknown sources.
  • If you have already granted permission, then simply click on the option, and it will show you whether the phone is rooted or not.

This app is compatible and can be installed only on devices with the software version above 4.4 both on Android and iOS.

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