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Mobile game playing is the most common and biggest hobby of many people in this world, which they do in their free leisure time. We are inspired by many things and characters in our daily routine life, and also want to become like them or even want to experience those things also. So, there are several jobs games, that are developed on common behavior and interest of people in daily life events, movies, and other things.

We can now play any game of our choice available on mobile game stores and can experience it like our daily life heroes. There are many people who like to play strategic, thrilling, puzzle, and escaping games and simulations. So, if you like to play escaping simulation games then the The Escapist Apk is specially developed for you. In this escaping simulation mobile game, you have to escape attempts from prison job by using different strategies by facing prison guards also.

The Escapist Apk

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The Escapist Apk + OBB MOD For Android Devices Download

As we know, in this escaping simulation strategic game, you have to escape attempts from the prison no matter it is illegal but it’s for your life in the game. This game was developed and published by “Team 17 Digital Limited” in 16-Sep-2017. In The escapist apk your role is of a prisoner who done a crime and was kept in prison for a long spare time. Team 17 digital limited is well experience developer.

There is no other option than making a strategy for breaking the jail bars and escaping from the prison for your life. In this prison simulation mobile game, the first prison is protected by a guard uniform and other minimum security prisons mechanisms, so you have to make strategies accordingly by living in a jail.

While escaping from harshest prison you have also needed different tools and objects like keys that you can use for running out and also have to face the jail guards. This tough game is a sandbox type of simulator escaping game, that will also challenge you on different stages of escaping. You also avoid suspicious behavior. All fearsome big houses in this game. Your own gang and your own team in a tough game.

From roll call to lights out, you’re tired. There is no “get out of jail free” card in this game; you must break out. Are you up for the challenge, or are you going to stay in your cell? You’ll need all of your wits and skills to get out. You can’t be held back by walls, so get out!

You could even be in control of a prison! The guards want to prevent any escape attempts, so you’ll have to avoid looking suspicious by attending roll calls, doing your prison job, and concealing your stolen goods. You can escape from themed prisons such as Alcatraz or minimum security prisons with a scary theme. Each has more than six sections. Combinations enable you to escape by combining stolen or found items.

The Escapist Apk Game download

Features of The Escapist Apk

There are the following interesting features of this escaping simulator mobile game, that will increase your interest in playing it:

  • Find the Best Way for Escaping:

The escape from prison all depends on the strategy that you can use for escaping. So, with a wise mind try to find out the best way for escaping from jail in this simulator game.

  • Addictive thrilling and immersive gameplay:

Trust me, you will enjoy playing this escaping mobile game, because of the different simulations and tasks that you have to perform like stealing a spoon and fork for digging tunnels and ducts that you can use for escaping.

  • Search for more useful gear items:

You are a prisoner in this game, so turn your life according to prisoner’s environment and search for productive and useful other items in the prison that can help you in escaping from there.

  • Different Prisons:

There are 6 different prisons are available in this simulation mobile game, from which you can choose the one with less security for escaping.

  • Gyms and Exercise Areas:

The escapist apk game will also give you a real challenge prison experience with different trade items like gyms and exercise areas. So, go to the gym, do exercise to increase your power, and become the strongest prisoner.

  • Trade with other Prisoners:

For experiencing real gameplay, you can trade with other prisoners to buy different type of things like taps, screw bars,s and hammers that can help you in escaping.

  • Avoid Heat Detectors:

In this prison escaping simulation game, you have also to avoid different heat stolen contraband detectors like in a real jail. So, avoid metallic things to keep with you while escaping.

The Escapist App

  • Graphics

The graphics in the escapists prison escape APK are really quite simple and basic. The game features only pixel designs with an intriguing part of character creation. From the very beginning, you can create dozens a character based on your preferences.

However, the game’s simulation and scene effects are extremely impressive. They depict prison life as a never-ending adventure. You will feel as if you are a part of the Prison Break miniseries. There are dozens of items you can find and use to get out of the cell, including pickaxes, wire cutters, ziplines, and more.

Overall Assessments

Moldy Toof Studios and publisher Team17 have recently released the sequel to the extremely popular action game. The escapists prison escape: Prison Escape is a sandbox combination strategy.

Players will feel the tension in this section as they attempt to escape route from a prison hidden deep in the jungle. You will cunning escape plans from prison escape with your friends using the local or online game mode, which supports up to four people. You will still be able to be creative because you have so many options. It adds to the intrigue of the escape game.

Transactions That Are Not Public

Smugglers managed to infiltrate places like this. This is an excellent opportunity for you to collaborate with them and profit. You should look into these names because they contain a lot of interesting information. You can trade and get profitable things with your savings.

You might even be able to take over a prison! The guards are on the lookout for any escape attempts, so you’ll have to avoid suspicious behaviour by attending roll calls, working a prison job, and concealing your stolen contraband.

You can also get interesting items from fellow inmates. A toothpaste tube, a bottle of bleach, or an electrical cord can all be transformed into useful tools. prison escape is like a huge underground market where you can find anything. Many interesting things can be found in these seemingly uninteresting places. Getting the items was one thing, but hiding them was the most difficult. The guards can check on you at any time. If

How can I download and install The Escapist Apk on android?

There are the following at least two steps ahead involved if you want to download and install this escaping simulation mobile game on android devices:

  • First of all, click on the direct download link to download apk file of this escaping mobile game for free.
  • After download, just tap on the downloaded the escapist apk file and let it install.
  • When the installation is completed, enjoy playing the thrilling prison escape game.

The Escapist Apk For Android

Requirements The Escapists

  • Android 4.0 or higher is required.
  • The RAM on your phone must be greater than 1 GB.
  • “More Than 150 MB” of free space is required.
  • Connection to the Internet After downloading, it is not necessary.


  • The electric fence on London Tower was repaired.
  • When reaching the evening free period, cunning escape plan Team would crash.
  • Fixed a bug in which you would gain heat meter from guards for the wrong reasons.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


Can play the escapist in mobile?

Multiplayer is supported on iOS and Android devices. Anyone is allowed to play with anyone. There are four control schemes available: virtual joystick, virtual digital audio stick, and buttons.

Is The Escapist APK Worth Playing?

Despite the fact that the escapists prison escape APK is a paid game, many people have already downloaded it. In any case, the game’s difficulties are very intriguing. You can also get the game for FREE, making it a fantastic deal!

Is The Escapists kid friendly?

The Escapists is a simple strategy game. Except for other prisoners and guards beating you up when you’ve done something wrong or they just don’t like you, there is little violence.

Is the escapist free on mobile?

The Escapists Mobile is a mobile version of the original PC version. It includes all of the DLCs from the PC version for free.

Is the escapist offline?

Online (Public or Friends-Only) Splitscreen (Offline)

How many prisons are in escapists?

The Escapists: The game currently includes six main prisons, six bonus prisons, and five DLC prisons. They all differ in terms of security, and all of the major prison routines become increasingly difficult to escape from prison .

Is The escapist apk free to install and play on android?

You have to pay $6.49 for installing the escapist apk from the google play store. But you can download the escapists and install this escaping simulation mobile game for free from here.

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