Towing Race Apk Game For Android 2022 Latest Version Download

As we know, about the strategy of mobile development companies that they are working on our daily life interest, hobbies and work. There are many mobile games available that are based on real-world businesses like games on building construction, parks, coffee and cake shops, hospitals, driving, and many others. Like other businesses, people have an interest in automobile and related businesses in real life like car repairing and towing services. So, due to interest in this topic, the game developing company develops a game Towing Race for mobile gamers. This game was developed and published by “Rollic Games” on 07-May-2021. It is a type of racing and simulation mobile game, in which you have not only to tow a truck or car with the help of your pickup but also have to race with other towing cars.

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Towing Race Apk Game For Android 2022 Latest Version

In this casual racing game, first of all you have to choose the best car regarding power for you, that you can use for towing. Your car speed is not everything for you for winning the Towing Race game, because you also have to keep eye on the balance of another vehicle that you are towing and the chain. If the connecting chain breaks, you can lose the race. There are different types of cars and other vehicles are available in this game with different areas like landscape, mountain range, snow areas, and forests. So, choose your favorite and high-power vehicle for towing, racing, and earning points.

Towing Race apk

Features of Towing Race:

There are the following interesting features of this car towing mobile game, that will obviously increase your interest in playing it:

  • Ultimate Vehicles:

There are several high-performance and unique vehicles like cars, monster trucks, and pickups available in this game, that you can use for towing and racing according to your own choice.

  • Tow Different Big Vehicles:

In this game, you can enjoy a real towing experience of different vehicles like trucks, trains, tanks, cruise,s and many more.

  • Attractive Racing Areas:

In Towing Race mobile game, you can enjoy racing and towing different vehicles in different racing areas like landscape, mountain range, snow areas, forests, railway lines, and many more.

  • Realistic Sounds and Graphics:

You can also enjoy the real sounds of different vehicles with realistic 3D graphics in this game.

  • Upgrade Your Vehicle:

All the stages in this game have different difficulty level, that requires more powerful vehicles for towing. So, you can upgrade your vehicle engine, fuel, and breaks in this game after every stage. Or you can also buy the new powerful vehicle for yourself.

  • Multiplayer Game Mode:

You can enjoy online or offline multiplayer towing and racing with other players in this mobile game.

How can I download and install Towing Race game on an android mobile phone?

It is very easy to download and install this amazing vehicle towing mobile game on android, by following a few simple steps:

  • Click on the direct download link, given below to download and install the apk file of this vehicle towing an racing mobile game.
  • After download, just tap on the Towing Race apk file and let it install.
  • The game will install automatically, now you can enjoy these two racing games.

Towing Race Apk Game For Android 2022 Latest Version Download

Mobile Specifications:

Your mobile phone should be capable of the following specifications if you want to install Towing Race game on it:

  • Android 7.0+ or above.
  • 2 GB RAM.
  • 286 MB storage space.

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