Wifi Tether Router Apk MOD 6.4 Version download For Android

With the invention of the internet in the nineteen’s, the world entered into a new era of revolution and technological emergence. In the start, the internet was used with the help of different wires. With the passage of time, technologists introduce the broad wired personal network for connecting multiple maximum number of devices with the internet main server. Now today, if you want to convert and share mobile-connected internet with others you can also do it by built-in hotspot usage options in your mobile or using different apps like Wifi tether router apk. That converts your mobile into an active configure wifi router. You can download this app from our this page. If you face any problem during downloading and installing then contact with me from our comment section. I will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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So, wireless technology like routers and switches was introduced for connecting different wireless devices to the internet. Today we prefer wireless access to the internet for all our devices rather than connecting through wired mediums. But after some time, different companies start manufacturing internet-enabling smartphones, in which the internet can only be accessed by wireless means.

Wifi Tether Router Apk 6.4 Version download For Android

As we know about this amazing mobile app, it converts your mobile android phone into an active enable wifi router or hotspot machine for internet sharing with other mobile users. This app was developed and published by “Oopsnod Inc” on 30-Apr-2020. wifi tether router app apk act as a hotspot sharing app or a wifi router in your smart mobile android phone. It is specially designed for all android mobile, and tablet devices. You can get root permission.

With the help of this app, your mobile phone will convert into a wifi sharing router and allows you to share your mobile internet connection time or other wifi enabled device internet with other mobile and pc users with fast speed. wifi tether router mod apk also having a hotspot widget, that allows you to share your internet with a single touch on your home screen. Moreover, this wifi router mobile app latest version comes with an elegant design and easy-to-use interface with the best color schemes, that will enhance your experience in using it. It is strong signal network.

Wifi Tether Router Apk

Features of wifi tether router app apk:

There are following some interesting features of this amazing wifi router mobile app, that will definitely increase your interest in using it for internet sharing:

  • Share any Network:

No matter, whether you are using your mobile internet connection network internet like 3G or 4G or any wifi enabled device internet. You can share this internet or a network with other mobile phone users by turning your mobile into a hotspot or wifi router device with the help of this app. No hidden extra charges and additional costs. It is completely free. This is all language support.

  • Hotspot:

You can switch on and off your portable wifi hotspot according to your own choice with the help of this wifi router mobile app.

  • Enhance Mobile Experience:

By using this wifi router app, you can enhance your mobile phone computing experience on the new peak.

  • Simple and Fast Network Access:

wifi tether router mod apk is a very simple and easy hotspot app, that will provide fast network or internet access to other users connected with it.

  • Customize Your Hotspot/Wifi Networks:

With the help of this wifi routing app, you can customize your hotspot and wifi very easily and smoothly. You can change the name, password, encryption type network, and many other things very easily.

  • Manage Connected Users:

Now you are an owner of your internet and wifi router, so you can manage all connected users through this wifi app. You can check for who is connected to your network and can allow or restrict any user interface from your hotspot.

  • Hotspot Widget:

There is also a feature a hotspot widget available in this app, that you can use to display the hotspot and tethering option on the main screen of your mobile phone. You can now easily turn your on and off your hotspot with a single tap on the screen.

  • Verdict

It is a powerful WiFi Tethering app that comes with a fairly strong internet signal & minimum configuration. Within just a few minutes, you will have your WiFi boosted without paying for an external extender. It’s definitely worth a place in your collection of “life hack” Android apps.

  • Issues

It works on only rooted devices. Sometimes it lags due to some minor bugs.

How can I download and install Wifi tether router mod apk on android?

If your android mobile phone, has no feature hotspot you can download and install this wifi channel and free hotspot tethering mobile app by following a few simple all the steps:

  • Click on the direct download button link, given below to download the apk file of this wifi router mobile app for free.
  • After downloading, just tap on the downloaded wifi tether router mod apk file and let it install.
  • The app will install, and now you can share your internet with others, by using this amazing app.

Wifi Tether Router For Android

Mobile Requirements and compatibility:

wifi tether router mod apk is totally compatible with all types of android devices. There are the following requirements if you want to install this wifi routing app works on your mobile phone:

  • Android device 4.0.3+ or more.
  • 1 GB RAM.
  • 5 MB Storage save space.


What is a WIFI tether router?

You can use your phone’s mobile data to connect another mobile phone to the internet. Sharing a connection, this way is called tethering or using a hotspot.

What is the tether app used for?

Tether APP lets you access your TP-Link devices on your smartphone data plan, and brings an easier way to help accomplish the most common advanced settings such as Internet connection, wireless network name, and password, access control rules, etc.

Can I tether Wi-Fi from my phone?

On your Android device, go into the Settings app & look for an option named USB tethering. You may also find the USB tethering within the USB Settings that pop up when you plug in your phone. 2b.

What’s the difference between a tether and a wifi hotspot?

You can use your existing mobile phone and smartphone data plan to share a secure internet connection with another device. With hotspots, you have access to a dedicated device, like a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, that’s capable of connecting to the closest cellular tower.

We hope that you will like this article about Wifi Tether Router and like all its features. If you have any queries, contact me.

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