Your Freedom Apk VPN Client + MOD Full Version download

In the old times, there was no source of authentic and easy to access information available near to us. For getting knowledge about anything we were consulted with any person who was specialized in that specific field, which was very much time taking. But with the invention of the giant internet, all things are now in our hands. There are several reasons for this like governmental conflicts, bans imposed by governments on different websites and apps, and geo-restricted locations. So, if you want to access such type of websites, content, and apps you can do it by using Your Freedom Apk, that act as a VPN and proxy server.

Now we can easily access any kind of data and information with the help of the internet through our mobile phone or laptop and pc. But there are many websites, apps, and other content over the internet that is not accessible publicly.

Your Freedom Apk

Your Freedom Apk VPN Client + MOD Full Version download

As mentioned above that, it is a type of VPN and proxy server mobile app, that allows you to access any banned and restricted web content on your mobile phone easily. This VPN app was developed and published by “Applied Wizardry GmbH” on 14-Nov-2020. Your Freedom apk App is an all-in-one VPN mobile app that allows you to access any web content, restricted internet, bypass firewalls, and anonymous access to anything over the internet in your specific region.

This VPN app, not only provide you to access the private hotspot networks privately but also you can choose any country for changing your location on proxy servers. You have no need to worry about censored web content because you have this VPN app on your mobile phone. If you are facing a slow internet connection problem, you can increase your internet bandwidth with the help of this proxy server tunneling mobile app. Moreover, you can also get unlimited access to VPN services by purchasing the premium plan of this app.

Features of Your Freedom apk:

There are the following interesting features of this super VPN and tunneling mobile app, that will definitely increase your interest in using it:

  • Firewall Bypassing:

By using this vpn app, you can easily bypass any firewall or proxy without providing your location and mac or IP address smoothly and securely.

  • No worry About Censorship:

There are many websites, web content, and movies that are censored in specific regions due to governmental and cultural conflicts. So, if you want to access such content you have no need to worry about censorship because you can access that content very easily and privately with the help of this vpn app.

  • Browse Anonymously:

You can browse anything on the internet anonymously, because this app will encrypt your internet connection and your personal details also, and change your IP address to any different location, over proxy servers.

  • Best For Mobile Networks:

Your Freedom for android mobile will also provide you best results regarding vpn services on mobile networks like 3G and 4G.

  • Increase Internet Bandwidth:

If you are worried about your internet speed, you can easily increase your bandwidth with the help of this proxy server app.

  • Daily Free Access:

You can enjoy this vpn mobile app for free because it will provide you the free access to fast proxy servers for 2 hours a day.

  • Easy to use interface:

Anyone can use this amazing vpn tunneling app because it has easy to use interface. You can turn on your vpn with a single click on the screen with up and down speed.

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Your Freedom Apk for android

How can I download and install Your Freedom Apk VPN client on android?

It is very easy to download and install, this vpn and firewall bypassing mobile app, by following a few steps:

  • Click on the direct download link, to download apk file of this vpn for free.
  • After download, just tap on the Your Freedom apk app file and let it install.
  • The vpn proxy server app will install automatically, now enjoy access to any web content.

Mobile Specifications:

There are the following mobile specifications if you want to install and use Your Freedom apk latest version on it:

  • Android 4.0+ or more.
  • 2 GB RAM.
  • 6 MB storage space.

Is Your Freedom apk free to install and use?

Your Freedom apk is totally free to install and use, but if you want 24/7 fast proxy server access, you can get its monthly premium subscription.

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