Zooper widget Pro Apk 2023 Latest Version download

Everything is possible today, because of advanced technologies and their contribution to every field of business. We can upgrade, customize and change each and everything, no matter what thing is it, because of available solutions. Like other industries, the mobile and application industry is also touching the peak of success due to the advancement and invention of new things in this field. So, if you want to use new widgets on your mobile phone, then Zooper widget pro apk is the best mobile app for you.

When we buy a new mobile phone, there are many things missing from it. So, we install all other apps and widgets in our mobile phones according to our choice. Sometimes, the built-in widgets like clock, weather predictor, and others are not according to our desires. This widget app will allow you to not only add new widgets to your mobile screen, but you can customize them also.

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Zooper widget Pro Apk 2023 Latest version download

We know very well about this mobile app; it is an app that comes with tons of new and attractive mobile phone widgets and themes. This application was developed and published by “MYCOLORSCREEN” on 20-Jan-2014. No matter, whether this widget app is old, you can enjoy all the new and stunning widgets in it because it is updated time to time. Zooper widget pro apk allows you to customize your home screen with new and attractive widgets from its wide range. You can not only add new widgets but can also customize and change the color and working of old widgets with the help of this app. There are several kinds of normally used widgets available in this mobile app like on-screen calculator, footstep counter, clock, calendar, weather predictor, and many others. There are both free and premium/pro versions available of this widget app, so you can use any version according to your own choice.

Zooper widget Pro Apk

Features of Zooper widget pro apk:

There are following free and pro version interesting features of this amazing widget mobile app, that will increase your interest in using it:

  • Photo Editor:

This widget app, comes with a screen photo editor, where you can edit any photo rapidly like Photoshop or any other proficient software or app.

  • Customize Your Home Screen:

You can customize your home screen with different widgets, colors, and themes according to your own choice with the help of this widget app.

  • Large Number of Built-in Widgets:

This amazing world-class widget mobile app comes with a large number of built-in widgets, that are mentioned in below so that you can choose according to your own choice:

  • Date and Time Widgets with date calculation.
  • CPU Health, and Temperature.
  • Storage Space.
  • Health-related Widgets like footstep counter.
  • Weather Predictor up to next 5 days.
  • Network operator name and wifi network name and speed predictor.
  • Illusions and Moonlight intensity counter.
  • Calendar and date predictor.
  • Counter for Missed calls, messages, and emails on screen.
  • Alarm clock, RAM consumption, and System Notifications Widgets.

Zooper widget Pro

  • Free and Secure:

Zooper widget pro apk is totally safe and free mobile app, that you can use for widgets customization. Its pro version is also available that you can purchase at $2.99 for a lifetime.

  • Widget Templates:

There are several built-in widgets templates available in this mobile app, that you can use for customizing your home screen and its widgets with different colors and themes.

  • Lock Screen Support:

This widget mobile app also provides support for android jelly beans on the lock screen also.

  • Icon set Customizations:

All the available PNG and TTF icon sets in this mobile app are completely dynamic and easy customizable.

Pro Version Features:

There are the following pro version features of Zooper widget pro apk:

  • In pro version you can save widgets on your mobile SD Card.
  • You can set Widgets with single tap.
  • No ads during app usage.
  • Theme Support for home scree.
  • And Facility for Buzz Launcher.

How can I download and install Zooper widget pro apk on android?

It is very easy to download and install this Zooper app on your mobile, just follow the few steps:

  • Click on the direct and free download link to download apk file of this widget app.
  • After download, just tap on the Zooper widget pro apk and let it install.
  • When the app will install, enjoy customizing widgets on your mobile phone.

Mobile Requirements:

There are following mobile requirements for installing Zooper widget pro apk on android:

  • Android 3.2+ or more.
  • 1 GB RAM.
  • 6 MB storage space.

How much does it cost for a pro version subscription of Zooper widget apk?

You have to pay just $2.99 for one time, if you want to enjoy pro version of Zooper widget pro apk.

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